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25 Things Young Professional Must Do/Know Before 25

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I came across this article on Ragan PR and thought it is very relevant to all of us Gen-Y who has worked for a few years, made a few mistakes and learnt a few lessons along the way. I know I sure have - and I am still learning everyday. This is originally titled "25 Things Young Professionals Must Know Before 25," but I felt like this should be a to-do list (I am obssessed over to-do lists!)

Here are 5 of them that I could relate to. For the full list, please head over to Mark Ragan PR)

1. Take rejection with poise.
Being a stubborn cow that I am, this one is particularly difficult. As with teenage angst, depth and maturity comes with age and a few falls and stumbles along the way. Just keep in mind that it's all business, and not personal. 

2. Pick Your Battles
Not every battle is worth fighting. Getting upset with the way someone sends in incessant emails takes a backseat to someone who fails to communicate an important piece of information. 

3. Set Professional Goals
No job is a dead end job - Set annual professional goals that will help you advance your career. You want accomplishments on your resume, not finished tasks. Based on my experience working closely with the company director in recruiting, I can say that employers zoom in to your "Projects/ Awards/ Accomplishments" section on your resume.

4. Send an SOS
You should no longer treat yourself like the intern you once was. It is normal to feel overwhelmed by your workload at least once in your career. So, send a help signal to your manager or colleague to prevent burnout.

5. Unplug
I have selected this because I am still working on how to unplug. I will admit that I have gotten better at it over the past year or so, but if I see an email coming through at 8pm, I will still read and reply to it. However, I have promised myself that I will not work after 9pm and during weekends, unless it is urgent. So, set a time to unplug and the best way to do it is to close your mail app on your devices after a certain time. Let your manager and co-workers know that, but tell them to give you a phone call if it is urgent. A phone call is more intrusive than an email - hence your manager or co-worker will be less inclined to call you, unless it is really urgent.

Any other advice you feel that should make the list? Check out the full list here

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