Hearty Winter Warmer: Chicken in Rice Wine (Kai Zhao) with Champignon Mushrooms

Since this Tuesday the weather in Melbourne has been rainy, gloomy and depressing. Not just that, it is freezing Down Under at the moment! I can be wearing my thickest, warmest winter coat and still feel cold underneath all that layers.

So I thought back to my childhood and remembered a dish that my mum used to make, which consists of chicken, ginger, champignon mushroom cooked in sesame oil and lots of rice wine. Traditionally, this is a dish for women in confinement (a Chinese tradition for women after childbirth), but it is a tasty meal. The ginger and wine combination makes it a hearty winter warmer to be enjoyed by all.

This dish and the rich aroma that is currently wafting into my room transports me back to my girlhood, where I would have two or three servings of the juicy chicken and mushroom. In fact, this dish planted my love for all types of mushroom! Yet I never thought a simple dish be something that I cling onto today to keep me warm. 

For the recipe for this delicious dish, please click here to The Little Teochew, a Singaporean food blogger, whom I have to thank for this sentimental dish. 

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