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Lancome Advanced Genefique Serum

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Growing up in the hot and humid South East Asia, I dare not proclaim that I have great complexion. In fact, during my teenage years, I was plagued by severe acne, not just on my face, but on my neck, back and chest. My poor mother took me everywhere and sought any remedies she could get her hands on: oriental herbs, antibiotics  beauty salons, etc. She used to say this over and over again: "Sam would be so much better looking if it wasn't for her pimples/ acne!" 

Growing Pains

This has resulted in me being extra self-conscious about my complexion. While you may look upon my mother with disdain, horror or disgust at how she might've scarred me for life, I have her to thank, for investing the time, effort and money in making me feel beautiful again. During my late teen years, my skin gradually improved, save for some minor scarring. 

As for my mother herself, she follows a set of beauty regime since her mid-30s. At the age of 50, many people who have met her complimented on her youthful complexion and said she does not look a day over 40. While she has experimented with many skin care brands before, she adores the Lancome range of skin products that has left her skin plump, glowing and soft to touch. 

My mum and I, Easter 2013.

At my mid-20s, I have a deep paranoia for ageing,  or worse, ageing before my time. It is deeply rooted in my upbringing and culture that a woman's duty, above all, is to be presentable. Asian women are known for being more lithe and youthful than our Westerner counterparts... and I attribute it to our effort in investing the time and money to keep ourselves looking good and attractive. 

Hence, when I woke up one late autumn morning to find my skin dull, dry and peeling, I immediately sourced inspiration from my mum's go-to beauty product: Lancome's Advanced Genefique Youth Activating Serum. The serum reportedly helps to reduce wrinkles, lighten scars, corrects pigmentation and above all, hydrates your skin. The Sales Assistant at Myer, Bourke Street was ever helpful and guaranteed that I would see some improvements within three days, especially if I use the serum with Lancome Visionnaire. On top of that, they were offering a free 15 minutes facial treatment with every purchase of the Lancome Advanced Genefique serum.

So I started using the serum twice a day. Admittedly, it did not smell the best and when I checked the ingredient list, it was stated "patents pending". Immediately my mind turned to one of the articles I read on the weirdest ingredients used in beauty products (click link if you want to know more!) However, its effect could not be denied. Three days later, my skin stopped peeling. A week later, my skin's condition was restored. Another week passed and I noticed that I woke up with dewy, radiant complexion, like every rom com heroine who just spent the night with the man of her dreams. Now, at the one-month point, I feel that my pores are smaller and my complexion is so much better. 

My face is not the only part that is benefitting from the serum. I have the habit of pumping the serum on my right hand before applying them on my face. About two weeks ago, I realised the back of my right hand felt and looked much more smoother than my left hand. Thinking I was going crazy, I asked Steve and he confirmed that my right hand was indeed smooth and soft. Pretty ridiculous, but it's true. 

Last weekend was the date of my facial treatment at the Lancome counter of Myer, Bourke Street. It felt wonderful getting a face massage as the Sales Assistant massaged the serum into my skin. My face felt "alive" after. The best part: they did my makeup as well. It certainly helped that most of my make-up products are Lancome's anyway. The Sales Assistant added some colours to my lips. While I don't usually wear red lipsticks, I didn't mind that shade of red. In fact, I thought it went well with my rich jewel-toned colour scheme of my outfit that day.

So, if you are battling out the dry winter weather, give this serum a try. If it works on my sensitive skin, it probably will for you too!

Definitely much better than when I was 13.

Lancome skincare products are available on Lancome USA website, Myer Melbourne, Sephora and many major beauty retailers. 

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