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Weaving a Dream

By July 21, 2013 , , , , , ,

Not so much as the titled suggested. A cold, wintery Sunday afternoon and my disappointment at a beanie that was sold out at Valley Girl led me back to something I tried two years ago: Knitting.

I'm your worst stereotypical Gen-Y with an easily bruised ego and fear of failure. Two years ago fresh out of university with already 18 months of job experience under my belt, I thought I had the world. Knitting? Easy! After watching a couple of YouTube tutorials and finding scarf pattern, I went to the craft shop and bought all the necessary supplies. When the ladies in the craft shop suggested that I should start with thicker needles and yarn to make my first knitting experience more enjoyable, I shunned them.

Two years later, Steven is still waiting for his scarf.

This time around, I sought the advice of the older ladies in the craft shop (After a couple of stumbles along the way in life, you learn to listen and stay humble). In fact, they picked out the yarn and needles for me. At the encouragement of a new friend (thank you for the pattern), I started knitting away, and what a delight it was! Within two hours I already had a swatch which formed a snapshot of what my beanie would look like.

Granted I am a slow knitter and still have a long way to go, this time I am sure I will have a complete project. Plus, there is nothing better than  sipping on hot tea and knit away while strong winds are howling outside.

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  1. Lol, I also tried knitting :)) Same result. But it did wonders for my nerves!
    Best of luck, hope your beanie is coming along well :)