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Weaving A Dream: Part 2

By August 11, 2013 , , ,

I'm over the moon today that I've finished the first (and most challenging) part of my knitted beanie project, which is to knit the "square" that is the beanie. As small achievement as it may be, I'm proud that I've done something that I did not have the patience for a couple of years ago. (See my terrible knitting project here.

It is truly amazing and satisfying to see that I have created something functional out of skeins of yarn. While I enjoyed every moment of it, I kept vigilant and made sure that I did not make a mistake that could potentially ruin the whole project. However, as a first time knitter, of course I made mistakes! 
  • I started off with 34 stitches and after 3 rows, I had somehow started knitting 36 stitches. Thankfully it stayed at 36 stitches right through till when I casted off earlier. 
  • I had different tension/ gauge throughout the project so some stitches looked "tighter" than others. But overall, the "square" did not turn out lopsided.
  • My main concern throughout the project was: "What if I drop a stitch?!" As I approached my final rows, I was secretly filled with pride and relief that I did not drop a stitch. But I did not foresee that Steve, my ever-supportive boyfriend would pick up my knitting today and somehow dropped a stitch. Thankfully a friend taught me how to fix it, or else I probably would've been shattered. Phew!
So, what's next? Tying up loose ends - that would require a knitting needle, which I don't have. I would also like to crochet/ knit a flower as a decoration on the beanie, but let's see how things go for now.

I'm a little sad that I'm almost at the end of the project, but I'm already scouting around for a new project. I also need a knitting date with a lovely friend who inspired me to knit (and gave me the beanie pattern).

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