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100mm Presents: Certified 2014

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For months I have been baffled by my boyfriend's fascination with cars and car modifications....pretty much any way to make cars go faster, harder. I often view it as a time and money waster - just think of the things I can get with the money for an "air intake," whatever that is. While it is simply a matter of different perspective (when I think about it rationally, Steve's expense on car parts is no different from me buying a new pair of shoes or getting a mani/pedi), I keep my irrationality going, just because.

Also, the car scene evokes something out of the Fast and Furious movie franchise - a bunch of guys in hoodies and track pants flouting the law with their drag racing, drifting and illegal modifications. with girls wearing bum-skimming, breasts-baring outfits grinding on the cars while sleazy (male) photographers pulling their shutter trigger in the name of "car photography". It is the anti-thesis for everything I stand for. While I love watching the Fast and Furious movie franchise, having Dom Toretto and the gang in real life is destabilising (RIP Paul Walker).

So, when Steve broke the news to me that we were going to a "car show/meet," the night before the event, I was a little apprehensive. But perhaps I was in an adventurous mood, I agreed to it.

For those who don't know, a "car meet" is an event where car enthusiasts bring their car to a certain location for show to connect with each other and... I am guessing, to share how they can make their car faster?

The event was hosted by established car community, 100mm and it was held along the Docklands pier during the day, rather than at a dodgy industrial warehouse area in the middle of the night. So I was reassured that it would be a council-approved event of sizeable scale, family-friendly and women-friendly.

But I certainly did not expect an event of this scale:

According to Steve, over 200 cars were on show in the event. It was a spectacular sight, even for a non-car enthusiast like me.

Heavily sponsored by workshops, insurance companies and automotive care products, the event attracted a host of different car owners and it was a sight to behold. Japanese, European, Classics, American muscles, superbikes and even push bikes!

A furry friend was even seen joining in the fun:

Were there obnoxious little shit heads and egomaniacs whose emphasis on their car's engine size is an indication of overcompensation for their manhood? Certainly. Were there scantily clad women on show gyrating their hips, grinding on the cars and drawing attention on booty rather than boot size?

Sure. In a scene dominated by men, female sexuality is a sure-fire way for marketers to get to those who were at the event. But the girls were there as promo girls for the workshops/ insurance company/ tyre company, and they were dressed somewhat modestly. Most of the guys crowding the girls were on-lookers anyway. Most car enthusiasts were too busy gawking at the cars on show, while most car owners whose cars were on show were busy making sure their cars, lovingly shined before the event, were in tip-top condition with no scratches or stains from the crowd.

There were families around and lots of photography enthusiasts as well, snapping away at the flashy cars. Most people seem nice enough, with a strong sense of community. I came away from the event with a renewed perception for car enthusiasts. I guess most car enthusiasts are just regular folks who are passionate about cars and proud to share their labour of love with the world. So, perhaps I shouldn't be too quick to judge them. 

But while I contemplate on that thought, here are some snaps from the day:

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