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I know this might sound disgusting, but hey, we're all women here, right? So, I finally got my period after a long delay, and as you might've guessed, it was like a massacre. Don't even get my started on the cramps. However, I soldiered on and went to work as usual. Then came the time to change my pad. I reached into my bag for the pad before realising that I was wearing a pencil skirt with no pockets to hide the sanitary pad.

It's worth noting that 80% of my colleagues are men and the toilet is at the other end of the office. Oh, I work in an open-plan office too. So I tried tucking the pad in my skirt, but the bright purple packaging was still peeping through my skirt's waistline. The pad also created an odd bump on my tummy. So I frantically searched in my tote and finally came up with a solution:

Hurray for messy bag!

I found a paper bag from my last visit to the chemist and used that pack my pad, then dashed to the toilet to change the pad. Mission completed!

But, the point is: How dodgy did that look? Now that I think back about it, what if someone noticed and thought it was a pregnancy test stick in the bag?!

If only there are some cute/ fashionable looking pouches that will help eliminate the embarrassment...

Do you have any Aunt Flo moment stories to share?

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