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Harry Potter Dumbledore Quote Happiness

This week we lost Robin Williams, who has brought so much smiles and laughter to us all. Yet behind the kind, smiling face was a man suffering silently from depression. I can only imagine the pain Williams' family must be going through right now. Death is never easy to deal with, but it is even more painful to deal with a loved one who took his/her own life.

Williams' passing led me to think about the times when I was depressed or suffering from another bout of anxiety attack. The scariest thing about depression or an anxiety attack is not the medication or the fact that you feel like crap all day along, it is that you do not know when it will hit you and swallow you whole. So, even as you are on top of the world right now, at the back of your mind you are thinking: "When will I plunge into this dark hole again?" Well...for me it's always more of a dark and wet swamp.

 However, as hard as it is to climb out of the dark hole, I'd like to share Professor Dumbledore's quote on happiness with you - try to find a silver lining, or think about the people who you love/ loves you, and the happier moments you share with them. Every day is a new day :)

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