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winter fashion cape roll neck knit portmans

As much as humans are resistant to change, it is not something that we are in the power to halt. Season changes while we get older. Sometimes our feelings change, and along with it, our perspectives too. 

I remember I went through a phase where I would wear ultra feminine clothing, in fact, anything pink will do. My hair was waist-length and in curls. In short, I had girly style. 

Recently, however, I find myself fancying softer colours and jewel-tones, but with textures, such as lace and knit. I have also taken a liking to solids, rather than patterns. Instead of form-fitting clothes, I prefer clothing with fluid silhouette. For instance, the cape roll neck knit from Portmans that I wore over the weekend, pictured above. I love how versatile it is, that I can pair it with a pencil skirt for work, wear a skivvy underneath and tights for a casual look, or wear a statement necklace and red lips for some va-va-voom!

Sure, it was perhaps a bit expensive, but it could be worn so many ways, and dove grey knit never gets old. It is a classic, and an investment piece that will last a long time. 

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