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What comes to mind when you think about air travel? Long waits in the airport, cramped seats, terrible airline food and the unimaginative cabin crew outfits that resemble more like bank tellers than flight attendants. Well, this is about to change, for Etihad Airways at least.

This morning I am very excited at the announcement of the new and glamorous Etihad Airways uniform, which were debuted in a spectacular show in Abu Dhabi overnight.

Created by Italian Haute Couture Ettore Bilotta at his atelier in Milan, the new uniform exudes the classic glamour and elegance of 1960s Haute Couture in Paris and Milan, but also includes some contemporary fashionable elements from the runways in New York, Paris and Milan.

A warm chocolate brown has been chosen as the base colour for the different uniform variations, with a deep purple accent colour for cabin crew and lounge teams, and a burnt orange accent colour for ground crews and Special Services teams. Bilotta has also taken the unusual step of breaking up the main primary shades by introducing all the secondary colours as accents on blouses and accessories.

Made from 100% Italian wool and features jacquard design, each ensemble is stylishly fitted, easy-to-wear and flexible, with different accessories selections available to male and female cabin crew. The gloves, belt, scarves and “retro” aerodynamic hat are inspired by the Hollywood silver screen sirens of days past, a style that is classic, enduring and stylish.

The airline’s style and image have also been re-examined in line of the new collection. Bold and fiery make-up and lipstick tones have replaced the calmer shades that are the current de regieur.

The outfits’ classic elegance and sophistication brings to mind the glamorous heyday of international travel, that is, sadly, lost in today’s flying experience. In a year that has been tragic for the aviation industry, Etihad Airway’s announcement is indeed refreshing and certainly brings hope in a grim age.

There is no better way of summarising the uniform overhaul than what Aubrey Tiedt, Vice President Guest Services at Etihad Airways said:

“This is not just a uniform. This is a pret-a-porter concept – a future lifestyle statement and homage to the golden age of glamorous flight. It is about bringing back classic elegance, allure and richness to our men and women which will become their signature look. No matter where you are in the world, you will know this is Etihad.”

If we can’t afford the luxurious private suites, at least we can be a part of the glamour by way of enjoying the hospitality of the crew donning such elegant outfits.

For more information, please visit www.etihad.com.

Photos courtesy of Etihad Airways.

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