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Smoked salmon smashed avocado toast with poached eggs

In the midst of summer, I tend to crave for lighter meals. Take breakfast for example: cheesy kransky and hash brown, even grilled field mushroom tend to be set aside for a delicious light-weight smoked salmon and smashed avocado toast. Since I did not wish to bleed my wallet out for the same dish at a cafe, I decided to recreate a similar breakfast at home, based on the recipe I found here

I've never been a big fan of avocado, what with its slimy texture and bland taste. But I found that adding a squeeze of lemon and some feta helps to inject some acidity in the avocado. Moreover,  sprinkling some nut, seed and dried fruit mix on top of the smoked salmon helps to add a bit of crunch to the dish. The result is a flavoursome breakfast that leaves you energised and satisfied for the day: You get the earthy taste of mix-grain toast, smoky and salty flavour from the smoked salmon, silky smashed avocado with a hint of lemon, topped with the crunch the nuts and seed, and finished off with some sweetness from the dried fruit.

I must mention that this is my first time poaching eggs. It was surprisingly achievable! In fact, I would rate this dish as one of the easiest breakfast ideas to make at home. Serve it on a nice dish and voila, you have your cafe breakfast on a budget.

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  1. that looks so super cool! <3
    Lately I am obsessed with diet and setting up meal plans and now I realized that smoked salmon with avocado can be great idea for it! Thank you for inspiration!

    1. Thanks Anja! Yes, it was very tasty and I will definitely make it again this coming weekend. Feel free to share your version with me!