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Call me a romantic, but I have an affinity for antique jewellery. I love to wonder who were the wearers and the lives they lived. Take this gorgeous Victorian garnet and turquoise ring for example: Originating in London circa 1880, perhaps a dashing gentleman had the ring crafted for his lover as a promise and show of their love? For centuries, men have expressed their love for the women in their life with jewellery and gems. Maybe it's a promise of a happy life together (double turquoise) and praise of her virtue, love and faith (garnet). 

How did it survive two world wars and end up in a New York antique curator's hand? How did it end up adorning my finger? Perhaps we will never know. I wish there is a secret button I can press on the ring and it will open up a projection slide or hologram that show me the history of its being and the stories of its previous wearers.

Maybe someone can get onto it. I heard wearable tech is the next big thing...

Garnet and Turquoise Sunday Ring: The One I Love NYC

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