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Raise your hands if you often feel that your hair seems to be more frizzy after a blow-dry at home *raise hand*

Most of the time, I prefer to air-dry my hair, simply because it takes a long time for me to blow-dry my hair. But on the off-chance that I end up having a hair wash late at night, I'm stuck in a dilemma: Do I blow-dry my hair with my "antique" hairdryer from the early naughts (and risk waking up the entire neighbourhood) or do I go to sleep with wet-dog hair? More often than not, my laziness got the better of me and I chose the latter option - please don't let my mum know about that. It is an old wives' tale that going to bed with wet hair causes long-term migraines.

Maybe I should've just gone out and get a new hair dryer. But the options are limitless and I have no idea what should I be looking for. So, day after day, my ancient hairdryer slogged on... until the kind people at Vidal Sassoon Australia sent me a care package that consisted of their brand new dryer: The VS Sassoon  eXpert Turbo Dryer. 

The dryer's sleek and shiny form factor packs 2,200 Watts for powerful, professional drying. It is also brimming with features and technologies designed to deliver on the latest looks and finish, fast. I can go on and on about the dryer's features etc. but since this is a review so you can make an objective purchase decision, I've decided to share what stood out for me: 

The VS Sassoon eXpert Turbo Dryer is certainly lightweight. I found it a breeze to hold it with one hand while balancing a brush with the other - this was certainly a challenging feat with my old hairdryer.

Range of Control Settings
For a mid-priced dryer, the dryer offers six control settings: 3 heat and 2 speed settings, a turbo power setting plus a "Fix" option which is cool air to finish and set your style... just like a salon dryer does.

Less Static
High ionic conditioning in the dryer eliminates static and I definitely noticed less frizzies compared to my old hair dryer.

Diffuser and Concentrator Attachment
The dryer also has a diffuser attachment that will make dryer naturally curly hair a breeze, and a concentrator that is used to direct airflow along the length of your hair, increasing drying speed and style with greater precision.

Boasting "ceramic tourmaline technology" which is a natural source of ions and ceramic, the dryer enables hair to more easily and effectively absorb heat, thereby minimising stress and damage. Paired with a heat protectant, I believe it will slow the process of hair drying out and breaking due to heat stress and damage.

It is no secret that a good salon blow-dry makes a woman feel oh-so-fabulous, but bouncy, shiny hair (hello Kate Middleton and Amal Clooney!) is also achievable at home with the right dryer!

VS Sassoon eXpert Turbo Dryer (AUD52.95) is now available at all VS Sassoon stockists and comes with a two-year warranty. For more information, please visit http://www.vssassoon.com.au.

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