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By June 08, 2015 ,

Finally, after countless teasers, news of yet another mega celebrity appearance, the Entourage movie has landed, on the eve of the Queen's Birthday long weekend to boot. I'm not sure if I've ever mentioned how excited I am about the movie.. But after following Vincent Chase and his entourage through 8 seasons of boobs, spot-the-celebrity, and ups and downs, Steve and I were excited to catch the boys on big screen. We were a little nervous that it would not live up to the hype, after movie critics panned it in various reviews. But, did it?

First off, I must say that if you were not a fan of the TV series, you should not waste your money and almost two hours of your time to watch the Entourage movie. In fact, the movie was laden with references from the series. The plot line moves incredible fast, hasty even, that if you are not a follower of the TV show, may leave you feeling bewildered and confused at some point. For example: Turtle (Sal), who started being Vincent Chase's driver, is now a multi-millionaire and ties with Mark Cuban. Yet his source of wealth remained unexplained throughout the series. Even the characters questioned where he got the money for the posh, Spanish-style mansion that the boys live in.

But overall, the movie makes for a relaxing Sunday night event. It's no Mad Max, but it was a good two-hour where we can be a fly on the wall and soak in the glamour, excess and decadence of Hollywood. From the turquoise water in Ibiza to the palm tree, fast cars and a bevy of beauties on Sunset Boulevard, the Entourage movie may not be relevant post 2008 GFC anymore, but it leaves you with the warm, fuzzy feeling of nostalgia. It is the taste of our adolescence, our hormone-raging, sexual awakening adolescent. Remember the age where we thought if we just do our work, get into university, knuckle down and work hard enough, supercars and mansions, fame and fortune will just follow?

... And then reality hits us. Nevertheless, it was fun to relive those younger years through the movie.

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