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Loving    My new Lululemon exercise top. There is no greater workout motivation than cute sports gear. I found this gorgeous top in Lululemon’s factory outlet store. Nothing irks me more than a sweaty wet top clinging on my skin like saran wrap. I was delighted that the top also absorbs sweat to help me stay comfortable and dry during the most intense workout.

Watching   I'd like to say that I am watching something that makes me seem more enlightened. On that note, how incredible was Monday's Game of Thrones episode???!

Reading   I’ve just finished reading Mindy Kaling’s “Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns)” It’s a light-hearted collection of essays from Mindy. I breezed through the book in less than a week because it is simply a witty, fun read. At times, it feels like you’re hanging out with her over a cup of coffee. Can’t wait for her next book, which is slated to be released later this year.

Starting   A new series on my blog, "The Rice Life". This is where you can find collections of recipes, mainly Asian or Asian inspired dishes. All the recipes that I have blogged about over the years tend to get lost amidst everything I post, so this is a way to have everything in one place. This will also be the place where I introduce some ingredients used only in Asian cooking and how to prepare them. There may be some other recipes thrown in there as well :)

Dreading   This winter. It was a chilly start to the winter with night time temperatures plunging to the single digits (Celcius, thankfully.)..and the rain! It hasn't stopped pouring since Monday, the clouds hang super low and by the sun sets way too early. I've never considered wearing gloves in previous years. But this year, I think gloves and waterproof puffy jackets will be my best companion throughout the icy weather.

Looking forward to   The long weekend! Sleep-ins with my love, lounging around the house without a care in the world and the freedom to do whatever I like, whenever I like, however I like. This Saturday, we will be going back to Lucy Liu Kitchen and Bar, a trendy restaurant serving "eclectic Asian food". We were there last year to celebrate our 5 year anniversary, but I was so ill that all my energy was channelled into not passing out. This time around, I'd like to have a cocktail and really enjoy the food and ambience with Steven.

Feeling   At peace. Since my residency was approved, I have been sleeping like a baby every night. No more waking up at 3am! Last Sunday, I finally unpacked all the boxes that were laying around and even stacked my book collection neatly. After all the cleaning and unpacking, I sat on the couch with a warm cup of tea. Looking around me, I couldn't help but smiled, "Ah... I'm home."

Wanting   A trip to the book store to get Hilary Mantel's Wolf Hall! I've just realised that I haven't stepped in a book store for a year now. I used to live in Melbourne CBD where great bookstores are just around the corner and the book store I frequented was just a floor below the knitting supplies store. Talk about hitting two birds with one stone. Now that I've moved to a suburb, the closest book store with a decent selection of fiction is 30 minutes drive away in a mall where it is impossible to find a parking after 12pm on a weekend. So I have been relying on iBooks and my Kindle. But nothing beats the feeling of walking among the books and slowly sampling a chapter or two before you walk out with an actual, printed and bound copy of a book.

Planning   A few home-cooked dishes and sweets I'd like to try out this long weekend. Some tips on what they are: 1. A flavour from childhood  2. A yum cha favourite   3. A traditional cookie with significance

Listening to   "Xanadu" by Olivia Newton John. It is the ultimate earworm. After hearing it on Smooth FM, it is stuck in my head. Need. new. songs.   

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