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Let's face it, we are a food-obsessed culture, more so today than ever, thanks (or no thanks) to social media and reality cooking shows. In order to satisfy our ever-shorter attention span and difficult taste buds, restaurateurs are coming up with ideas and gimmicks every day to capture our attention and ultimately, make more moo-lah. Frankly, that's all well and good. But what seems to happen is that once a great idea takes off, every cafe around the corner starts to come up with their own version of the same idea and before you know it, we're eating variations of the same thing day-after-day, whether it is "deconstructed" or "reimagined".

So, while we're halfway through 2015, let's reflect on the past food trends that are getting old. Here are 5 of them. Well, there are 7 of them because this is my blog and I can write 7 food trends if I damn well pleases!

1. Franken-food
Fusion and collaboration are always good. You know, you take two good traits and mesh them into one. Mariah Carey + Whitney Houston - classic. Kelly Rowland + Nelly - sexy R&B. Frankly, we also need to acknowledge credit where where it's due: cronut tastes amazing; I had a cruffin once and it rocked my world. But a line has to be drawn, people.

Since cronut became a legit hashtag, we've begun our slow descend in the franked-food trend.  I mean, have you seen the Dausage, or ramen burger?

How? What? 
(Image source: TheUrbanList)

This is starting to look less like Shakira + Beyonce and more like Gregor Clegane + Maester Qyburn..and it needs to stop before anyone gets hurt :(

2. Avocado
Yes, avocado does contain a lot of nutrients that are good for us, but it is one of those things that are good only in small dosage. As healthy as it is, avocado is bland and..green. It tastes like grass in the form of cream. Admittedly, it is great on toast, with some salmon, coriander and what not. But, slathering one whole smashed avo on slices of toast? It's the perfect example of having too much of a good thing.

(Image source: YummyVegan)

3. Serving food on boards
I blame Instagram for this one, and I am guilty of this from time to time too. Sure, food served on boards look "rustic" and "charming" but it is basically a vessel for crumbs to tumble onto your lap or the table. In fact, this entry is based off a very recent souvlaki meal - We had three types of gyro, pita bread, a bowl of salad and chips scattered on a chopping board. We struggled so hard to keep the gyro from the table, but the delicious meat juices ended up flowing onto the table anyway.

4. "Artisan" donuts
Donut is a comfort food - simple, sinful and satisfying. It is basically deep-fried dough. Calling it artisan really makes you a douchebag. When I crave for donut, I want it now and I want to bite into it in big mouthfuls, preferably while binge-watching my favourite TV shows. I'm not going to pick out tiny morsels, chew on it and appreciate the activated almonds or Amazon jungle cacao cream.  I like my donuts with jam, chocolate and/or sugar-glazed. Period.  Plus, any donut more than $3 is simply pretentious.

That, my friend, is a $100 donut. complete with gold flakes and scary tentacle-like things. Caramel, maybe?
(Image source: Google Image)

Note: However, I'm all for DIY donut. I think it should be the next step in the donut trend evolution.

5. Communal Tables/ Long Tables
Yes, your handcrafted oak/marble long table is definitely the centrepiece of your restaurant/cafe but I'm not too comfortable paying good money to sit next to Amy and Tom who are having a full blown argument/playing footsies. On the other hand, I like to to Instagram my food and share inside jokes with Steve, which may make other people uncomfortable. Let's give each other some space.

(Image source: DellaCooks)

6. Spelling milk as "mylk"
The first time I encountered the word "mylk" was in a health food/smoothie bar in a trendy suburb of Melbourne. Everyone there was tall, toned and tanned. I had to whisper to my friend to confirm if "mylk" was milk. A quick search online revealed that mylk is officially the term for non-dairy milk products such as the ever-popular almond milk. So, perhaps I'm still stuck in the medieval ages, but the word "mylk" is definitely the medieval spelling of dairy milk. Spelling your non-dairy milk in the medieval spelling is simply another pretentious, not to mention it looks like you can't spell.

(Image source: GoodEggs)

Honarary mention: Burgers and sliders
"Every man and his dog owns a burger joint now," says an exasperated Steve, when I told him I'm working on this piece. While we are not in a burger coma stage yet, I do admit that "gourmet" burgers are well past its time. Every cafe and restaurant is serving its own version of burger, mostly "inspired" by various cuisines. Same goes for sliders. While I truly appreciate a good burger, you know it's becoming a cliche when McDonald's wants in on the game.

(Image Source: Plan A Wedding Now)

Update: Steve would also like to add that he had a burger served on a board for lunch today and ended up with patty and sauce stain on his pants. I would have posted a picture of the offending meal, but he sent me a picture of his crotch pants. Charming. But, two annoying food trends in one meal?

Seriously. End the trend now.

What are food trends you wish to stop right now?

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