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By July 25, 2015 , ,

Japan – Steven and I (actually, it was mostly me) have talked more than once in the past few months about going to Japan for a holiday. So far it has been nothing but “OK let’s go to Japan”. So my goal is that by August 31, we would’ve had our annual leaves locked in (fingers-crossed!) and flights booked for an Autumn Japan trip.

2016 – I woke up one night and realised that we are more than halfway through 2015 already! The first quarter of the year was spent worrying about my residency status, the second quarter was fumbling and experimenting on what my plans are and the third quarter is putting the plans into action. While I’ve finally set up my freelance marketing business, I’ve been slack on marketing it (oh, the irony!). So I am going to buckle down this July and August and start working on the plan that will set me up for next year too.

Content – I’ve had to think a lot about how to share this space with more people, and I think I know how to do that. I’ve cooking up some stuff that you might find valuable – and I’m giving it away! So, stay tuned, or sign up here and I’ll let you know when it’s released.

Taxes – It’s tax time here in Australia, and I want my tax return! It’s annoying having to scourge through my bank statement and receipt boxes for the deductables, but it. Has. To. Be. Done. Be

Fearless – I’ve realised that I’m a creature of habit and changes scare me. It never used to be, but since I had a cushy desk job for about three years now, I guess I’m so used to the routine. I know I need to make the change and see the world, but I am stuck between the desire to create something for myself and the fear of that potential. I’ve taken the first step though, I just need to charge right ahead and not run back.

I think that’s enough for the month. What are your visions? Let's share and motivate each other!

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