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By August 13, 2015 ,

Arnott's Chocolate Wagon Wheels

Along time ago, Steve and I brought up the topic of our favourite childhood snacks. Chief among them was Arnott’s chocolate wagon wheels. While he started telling me some childhood stories relating to Wagon Wheels, I listened patiently before asking quietly, “I’m sorry.. What is a wagon wheel?”

“You mean you’ve NEVER had a wagon wheel??!” Exclaimed this six-foot, gorgeous blue-eyed man that I had just started dating. “Umm…no?” He then patted my head, looked at me in the most sorrowful way and said that I never had a childhood. #dramaqueen

That afternoon, we went on a trip to the Coles just to get a packet of Arnott’s Wagon Wheels. Upon my first bite I was hooked! It was unlike anything I had ever tasted! A layer of strawberry jam and pillowy soft marshmallow sandwiched between two slices of milk biscuits, then coated with a layer of dark chocolate. Which genius created this? It’s the perfect afternoon snack, great to pacify the hungry kids after school, and even more wonderful for adults with a sweet tooth.

So, on yet another cold and dreary weekend, I set out to re-create this Arnott’s classic in my kitchen. I wish I have the recipe to share with you, but it seems that the website where I got the recipe from, and its associated social media accounts have been deleted. Just…vanished! So, I’m sorry that I won’t be able to give you the exact measurements. Trust me, I’m upset too.

I’m sure that with the power of Google search, thousands of wagon wheel recipes are just a click away. If you have your own milk cookie or butter cookie recipe, it is actually quite achievable without a proper wagon wheel recipe.

While many recipes I found gave detailed instructions on how to make your own marshmallow and even your strawberry jam, I went the super easy route and microwaved 100g of store-bought marshmallow at 15 seconds, until the marshmallow is spreadable, then spread it on half the cookies.

As for the strawberry jam, I just spread my trusty IXL strawberry conserve on the remaining half of the cookies. Put a slice of cookie with mashmallow spread and another with strawberry jam, and you are on your way to your homemade wagon wheels.

The final step to the wagon wheel is to coat it in a layer of delicious chocolate. I used milk chocolate and the result was overly sweet for my taste. So I recommend using dark chocolate. (You can find them in the baking aisle of your supermarket). Melt the chocolate bain-marie style, then coat it all over the cookie.

The hardest part is to wait for the chocolate to set. It only took mine a couple of hours for it to set completely. But if you are in a warmer climate, you may need to refrigerate or leave it overnight. I had mine with a cup of takeaway latte and it just about made my Sunday afternoon a bliss.

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