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Every morning I catch up with what’s happening in the world there seems to be all sorts of grim news greeting me: The Mediterrenean refugee crisis, grim employment prospects, rising house prices. When I open up my Instagram feed, it’s glitz, glamour, engagements, weddings, Nutella donut milkshake (nope), babies, HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY. All the while I dread waking up to go to my desk job, anxious that at 26+ I can’t afford a 3 bedroom suburban home in my choice suburb, wondering why my lovely partner of almost 6 years still hasn’t “pop the question” yet. Am I not doing enough, fast enough? Am I “falling behind”? Is this it?


So, I need a change of perspective and focus on the good and great things that are happening in my life, because compared to many, I have it easy. Here's another instalment of Grateful Heart.

Grateful Heart w/ Ember Grey

I have the opportunity to follow my heart 
After I graduated with a Bachelor degree in 2011, I decided to stay in Australia and hopefully carve out a life here. It is not the road untaken, but I am grateful that although my parents did not fully approve of my decision, they still supported me in any way possible.

I started my journey here as a full-fee paying international student and was fortunate enough to find gainful employment in my field of study even while I was studying. Although it was not all smooth-sailing, at least it was a choice I made. Compared to the refugees in detention centres who had to flee their war-torn countries, I am incredibly fortunate.

I can afford to travel
I think I’ve mentioned this one too many time, but I will be going to Japan in November! While I can’t just pack my bags and go on a whim or travel first-class, at least I can afford to see other corners of the world. Just on that alone, I should be incredibly thankful.

My parents are healthy 
My dad just celebrated his 53rd birthday yesterday. I am incredibly thankful that he is in good health. More importantly, I’m so, so grateful that he has given me such a comfortable life. As I grow older, I wonder how my parents do it all and I have a deeper respect for them now. I probably should call home more often though, and I always feel guilty about it.

Beauty of nature
It is almost spring time here in Melbourne! Although I have to make the drive to work every Monday to Friday, at least I am greeted by these gorgeous blooms along the way.

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I have an incredibly supportive and loving partner
I must've done some really good things in my past life, because Steven is everything I want and so much more. Almost six years down the road, and I am still greeted with hugs and kisses every day.

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Wow… I feel so much better after writing all that. Reflecting on all that I'm grateful for, I'm ready to start a brand new week!

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