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By September 08, 2015 , ,

I am not a morning person, especially on a working day. Well, if I have to specific, it will be: I’m always awake on or a bit before 7pm, but I would always laze around in bed until 7:30am, or worse, 7:40am before I get up and get ready for work. This means I’m always rushing: Rushing to get ready for work, rushing to get to work. It also means I’m always complaining that my work is sucking my soul and I have no time to do anything, other than work, eat and sleep.

Last week, however, I’ve been trying out a new concept. It’s called: Getting out of bed 10 minutes earlier. Rather than cozying under my doona cover mindlessly going through my Instagram and Facebook feed, I’ve limited my morning phone time to 15 minutes. After that, I would get up and get ready for work. On the first day of doing that, I realised I had 10 minutes’ time to spare before I had to leave home for work. So I poured a bowl of cereal and planted my ass in front of the TV and watched some morning TV before leaving home for work.

It was a good feeling sitting in my lounge as I casually catch up on the news. It almost felt like a weekend. The old me was like a mad woman in the morning rushing to make to work on time, without so much as sip of water. But this new, grown-up me was calm, composed and relaxed.

As a result I had time to reflect and plan before plunging into the challenges ahead at work. What’s more, those moments in the morning are serene and peaceful. Now that it’s spring time, the lively birds chirping outside sure brightens up my mood. The tranquillity has definitely inspired me in every way. In fact, I scribbled this post’s idea in between a mouthful of cereal and watching Sunrise. I feel that there are more hours in the day and I’m more in control of my life.

10 minutes – It seems insignificant, but it does make a big difference.

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