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On a lovely afternoon last week, Steve took his dad out for lunch at Pantry, Brighton for Father's Day lunch. We didn't know what we were expecting, although we are regulars at Royale Brothers' burgers next door (also by the same owner). All we know is that Pantry is the more grown-up (read: expensive) version of Royale Brothers, meaning it serves "grown-up" food, as opposed to burgers only.

Brighton has long been known as a hoity-toity suburbs and is often the butt of the joke (have you heard Brighton Subaru's latest radio ad?? It's GOLD), I feel that Pantry also has copped a bit of the flak as a snobbish place. However, it was Father's Day and I guess a good way to show your dad you care is to take him out to a fancy place for lunch, hey? 

We didn't know what we were expecting, to be honest. The place did seem to cater mostly to Brightons' million-dollar home and luxury SUV driving residents, with many air-kisses, perfectly coiffed hair and glowing tan. However, the service we received was nothing short of five stars. The maitre-d was friendly and we were seated promptly. We were also given ample time to look over our menu. 

I was feeling adventurous on the day and ordered the Warm Salted Barramundi with asian herbs, bean sprouts, apple salad and nam jim sauce.

I was expecting a complete barramundi fillet and was surprised that the dish was just shredded pieces of barramundi. But as soon as I took a mouthful of it, I regretted thinking that it was a rip-off,  because it was so delicious!! Everything went together so well. The nam jim sauce, fresh mint leaves, coriander, fried shallots and bean sprouts transported me to Thailand. The addition of julienned crisp green apple added some sweetness to the lovely dish. It was worth every dollar.

Steven ordered the special they were having, the Hiro bento box. It is worth noting that Hiro Sushi next door to Pantry is also another venture by the same owner. I think we were all expecting your typical lacquered red and black bento box filled with rice, sashimi, salad and what-not, but instead we were greeted by what can only be described as Japanese minimalism. Beautiful small plates of dishes served on a wooden tray. It is definitely quality over quantity here. The sashimi was fresh and velvety, the fried chicken was crunchy, the quinoa and brown rice sushi was light and delicious. Top it off with a cup of miso soup - it was an elegant fare. 

Our dessert was the Raspberry Moneyball, which is a half-sphere of deliciousness and visual delight. Behold:

I wanted to keep it in a glass display and stared at it forever!! But it was good that I wasn't allowed to do that, because it was the most delicious pink glob that I've ever tasted. I cannot remember many of the dish's component, but it mainly consisted of raspberry mousse with lychee jelly in the middle, all on a thin, short pastry crust. Those brown stuff on the side is chocolate soil. The light-as-air raspberry mousse plus the fragrant and sweet lychee jelly was divine. The addition of a sugared petal on top just appealed to the feminine side of me. It was a five-star dessert and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

It was a lovely winter day and you can feel that spring is almost breaking through. I spotted some blossoms outside of Steve's parents place and I couldn't resist taking a few shots:

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