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Afew days ago I came across an article on Medium, which perfectly encapsulates the reason for this blog, for any writing that I’ve ever done. If you’re a lover of words, do check out the full list here, written by Jon Westenberg. Here are a few from the list that I can relate to:

#3 There’s no despair that can’t be held at bay with words. I blogged about dealing with grief when my grandma passed away here and here (it’s a bit of a weird read if you’re not accustomed to Asian’s funeral and death rituals). But writing is my therapy and the internet is my (free of charge) therapist.

#8 If I don’t challenge myself, I will atrophy – without writing, my legacy would be a very well curated Netflix library. For me, it will be how I watched the whole season of Empire in one weekend. UnReal is still come up on top though, watched the whole thing in 2 days.

#9 Writing is my own roadmap – it helps me find my way. This is a big one for me. I don’t care if nobody reads my blog, but it has helped me find my way and sort out my feelings since I was 15. Unfortunately this means I have a blog somewhere that contains too many embarrassed poems from my hormone-raged teen years (It’s a private blog now. Don’t even.) I’m more wary of what I put out in the world now, but I still have a random Word document or Notes on my phone, filled with thoughts that I penned down randomly. I really should look into keeping a written journal.

#10 I write to meet people and to connect with others who I might never have had any contact with otherwise. The blogging community is mostly filled with passionate, generous and kind-hearted people. I’ve met so many wonderful and interesting people from home and overseas. E.g. My passion for food has led to me meeting the wonderful Zomato community that has introduced me to more great food writers and lovely individuals, whom I wouldn’t have known otherwise.

#12 Because I fucking love the way simple letters look on a minimalist background. 

#15 All my family write. And always have. It connects us all. Though my parents are not journalists or published writers. Writing is certainly a big part of my upbringing. Dad used to travel a lot and we would wake up to a love letter or note that he has left for mum (and us kids) before he took off to the airport; Written on a clean, white A4 paper with black ink pen, sometimes with drawings but always with love hearts. #relationshipgoals. It’s a tradition that I insist on keeping – Steve and I have been writing each other cards on our birthdays, Valentine’s Day and our anniversary since we first started dating.

When I had been disobedient/ a rebel, mum and dad would write me letters, rationalising why I was grounded/scolded/hit. I still receive emails from Mum and dad with life advice and I cannot thank them enough for taking the time to do that.

#23 Writing can help me relax and breath and take stock of my life. Putting thoughts on paper makes it real. What I have done, have been doing, will do are all abstract until I put it down in words.

What about you? What are your reasons for writing?

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