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By October 08, 2015

Spring and Autumn are my favourite times of the year. I love Autumn for the orange, red and yellow leaves that never fails to create a shimmery glow on a clear sunny day, while the falling leaves is a reminder of the summer that has gone by that makes me feel just a bit forlorn. I love spring for the sense of renewal, for truly there is no better feeling than spotting the first green shrubs that sprung from earth right after the winter rain (no snow here in Melbourne). Of course, there's the flowers, oh the beautiful, colourful, vibrant flowers!!

Every September, the Dandenong ranges celebrate springtime with the Teselaar Tulip Festival. This year, Cherryhill Orchards (a cherry-picking spot which is a tourists and local favourite) also opened their doors to the public to view the cherry blossoms. What an exciting time!!! (Yes, it was that exciting that it warranted three exclamation marks)

Here are some snaps from the day:

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